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Our Story

Welcome to Big Easy Saloon, a visionary concept brought to you by the Songwriters Across Texas family (Big Easy Entertainment).

At Big Easy Saloon, we take pride in offering a diverse range of entertainment options. Picture yourself watching the game on large screen TVs, listening to live music, challenging friends to pinball, and enjoying free gameplay with sweepstakes games, while creating a nostalgic and enjoyable atmosphere.


Big Easy Saloon concepts are intimate and cozy with a southern charm that makes it unique for its food, drinks, and games. Established in 2014, Big Easy Saloon has become a staple sports bar and restaurant on the mainland. Situated near the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi six miles southeast of the central business district of Corpus Christi and Nueces County, Texas. Big Easy Saloon is a legendary local neighborhood venue for many reasons: we love our regulars, we are a no-nonsense hangout with billiards and games, we pride ourselves on good libations and tasty food, our staff is family, and we’re committed to our community.

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